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Athlete Testimonials 2010

Stephen ThompsonStephen Thompson

I've always done my own thing with training, mainly focusing on what I enjoy and think is best, fitting it around work and life as best I can.  In general, it's worked, but I'm no expert when it comes to sports conditioning and training, and as triathlon has become more and more important in my life I've became more and more unsure I'm taking the right approach.  I had been considering trying out a coach for a while when I met Terry, so we chatted and Terry clearly knew his stuff, and seemed like a top bloke and someone I'd like to work with, so I decided to give it a try.

It's only been a few months but so far it's been a very positive experience; so much so I'm going to carry on with Terry as my coach after I move to Australia at the end of the year.  It's not only reassuring being able to get a knowledgeable second opinion on what events or training sessions I'm planning, but also it's fantastic to be confident I'm taking my training in the right direction and not wasting a lot of effort and time not doing the best training to reach my goals. It's actually been really easy to work out a flexible training schedule that works specifically for me week on week, which is brilliant.

Terry's combination of knowledge, experience and personality is pretty unique; he knows what he's doing, does it well, and enjoys it, which rubs off, couldn't really ask for more.  Highly recommend whatever your level of ability or experience in the sport.

Carolyn HewettCarolyn Hewett

I have been working with Terry since May 2008 after he was highly recommended to me as a coach.  He demonstrated to me a passion for triathlon backed up with solid scientific knowledge and recognition of the importance of the physiological aspect of the sport. The most important criteria for me was that he was someone I could build a coach - athlete relationship with and feel like I have his support, guidance and commitment to helping me achieve my goals. We have worked together on 2 Ironman races in 2008, which resulted in top 10 finishes and new PB's, and made the transition to Olympic and Sprint distance in 2009. With Terry’s guidance I won 5 out of 7 races I competed in during 2009 including The Timex Women’s Triathlon and The London Triathlon. These great results are a credit to Terry’s coaching style and his wide range of knowledge and skill in being able to coach athletes of all ability’s across many sports including cycling, triathlon, running and swimming. I believe a large contributing factor to my success is having a clear and concise weekly training plan with structured sessions specific to me, addressing my weaknesses with a view to making them a strength. I can't recommend Terry highly enough to any level of athlete wanting to push through to the next level.

To read more about Carolyn you can visit her blog here:

Gemma FarrellGemma Farrell

I chose Terry because he had coached winners.  Determined not to be beaten by two friends who I had entered my first triathlon with, I knew I had a lot on, particularly in the pool and on the bike.  Through just 6 one to one sessions he brought my 750m swim time down from 22 to 16 minutes. He also taught me how to use bike pedal cleats and turn corners – very basic stuff!  It paid off as I finished in the top 30% at Blenheim, and most importantly came out ahead of my two friends! 
Having enjoyed my first tri experience, I continued training and competing.  My times kept dropping as I joined Terry’s monthly training programme, and kept up a monthly one to one. In the 18 months since my first session with Terry, I have not only won a number of age groups races and female titles, achieved many podium places, but also qualified for the GB European triathlon, World triathlon, and World duathlon teams.

Terry has been great for me as he is very professional in his coaching, seeking to understand not only my physiological but also psychological requirements, talking me out of any irrational moments I might ever have and firing me up before races. Despite being hugely supportive and encouraging of my triathlon ambitions, he also understands that I have a demanding career and want some form of social life (!).  My programme is therefore realistic but allows me to achieve my goals – I look forwards to attaining many more of them with Terry over the next few years.

Sam HorrellSam Horrell

Since starting training with Terry a year ago, the differences have been huge, he has helped me to compete in World triathlon age group championships and European Duathlon Age Group championships, this has been down to having a structured training plan which I get weekly and I am able to fit in around my work schedule, he has also helped me to work on the weak areas of my race which in my case was swimming. He has done this through one to one coaching and group sessions that have really helped. It’s a huge advantage to have a coach like Terry that you can ask questions and advise which I have found invaluable this year.

Donna DewickDonna Dewick

I started working with Terry in September 2009 when I decided to step up to the triathlon Olympic distance for the 2010 season.  As someone with physical challenges, working with a coach like Terry has enabled me to turn my ambition into reality - without risking injury or setback along the way.  Terry is accessible, personable, and has worked with me to address my weaknesses in a targetted and comprehensive manner.  He has helped me to deconstruct and reconstruct my swim technique so that I felt strong confident and comfortable in long distance open water swimming, including a 5k open water event. We have worked on positive visualisation and training mindsets that I have drawn on in the tough moments (both in races as well as professional settings).  And we have done one-on-one track sessions which have pushed me and have completely redefined my limits.  Through consistent observation and targetted coaching, Terry has enabled me to trust my body, culminating in my successful finish of the London Triathlon Olympic distance - something many medical experts would have predicted impossible.  To do all of this - while continuing to laugh, without injury, with confidence and joy in my abilities - well, I can't recommend Terry highly enough to anyone - from challenged athletes to elite performers - who wants to redefine their limits.

Dylan KargerDylan Karger

Over the past few years of training with Terry, he has helped guide me to PB’s in not only Marathons (3hrs 26mins) but also helped knock 15 minutes off my Olympic distance tri time (2hrs 14mins) and provided all the assistance needed to finish my first Ironman (12hrs 04mins). Terry has given me the structure, support, knowledge and guidance that has kept my motivation and enthusiasm brimming, whilst delivering a great variety of training sessions within all the three disciplines.

Many thanks Terry and here’s to future PB’s all over again!


Ian DownIan Down

I had never had a coach or been a member of a swimming club, so your Barbican technique group-classes were the first lessons I'd had since learning to swim at primary school.

I started marathon swimming in the previous 2 years beforehand. Whilst this included mid-distance marathon events such as the I.L.D.S.A. Lough Erne race in N. Ireland (17km) and the BLDSA Lake Windermere race (10.5 miles), I was 'surviving' these events rather than mastering them - Lough Erne took me 6 hours, 2 minutes and Windermere 7 hours, 34 minutes.

My stroke was inefficient and burdensome and prone to cause injury. I attended your technique course in December 2009 to improve my stroke to enable increased efficiency without injury during training. I completed the next 7 months' training programme without meaningful injury and becoming the 1,123rd person to swim the Channel on 3rd August 2010, also swimming the BLDSA Lake Windermere race in Sept 2010 in 6 hours, 12 minutes (1 hour 22 minutes faster)

A recent poll of open water distance swimmers revealed that the main topic of thought whilst swimming marathon swims is stroke-technique and I confirm this became the case for me following your classes.

James CliftonJames Clifton

"Without Terry, I wouldn't have completed my first Ironman. I had only done a few triathlons before so doing an Ironman was a huge step up for me. Terry gave me a structured training programme over 6 months that took me from a very average level of fitness to doing Ironman Zurich in under 12 hrs. Terry also gave me the encouragement, belief, nutritional advice and expert tips that made all the difference, and he somehow managed to make all the hard training really enjoyable!"



Marcus ShieldsMarcus Shields

After a few seasons racing duathlons and triathlons, I approached Terence to provide weekly training plans, focusing on key events throughout the year. Coming from a mainly MTB & Cycling background, I had found it difficult to manage training sessions efficiently, tending to shy away from my weaknesses. The training plans are concise and maintain season round interest. I felt an improvement across all disciplines, which resulted in my first podium in 15 years at a national level event in September. In this respect terry is true to his "train hard race easy" ethos.


Athlete Testimonials 2008

Carolyn Hewett

I made the drastic decision to change coaches mid season and spent quite a lot of time interviewing and researching coaches. Terry came highly recommended from several people and after an initial phone call and then meeting I decided to hire him. He demonstrated to me a passion for triathlon backed up with solid scientific knowledge and recognition of the importance of the physiological aspect of the sport. The most important criteria for me was that he was someone I could build a coach - athlete relationship with and feel like I have his support, guidance and commitment to helping me achieve my goals. My A race is in the US at the end of 2008 which we are building towards and as part of this I have recently completed Ironman Austria 2008. In the short time that we have been working together I have wiped over 10 mins off my IM swim time and more than 30 mins off my IM bike time culminating in a new sub 10:50 IM PB. I believe this has only been possible by having a clear and concise weekly training plan with structured sessions specific to me, addressing my weaknesses with a view to making them a strength. I can't recommend Terry highly enough to any level of athlete wanting to push through to the next level.

To read more about Carolyn you can visit her website and blog here

Richard Legge

I have been working with Terry since very early on in my triathlon career when Terry spotted that I had an aptitude for the sport. Over the past two seasons he has taken me from a complete novice in the sport to the 2006 World Age Group Champs in Lausanne in my first season of competing in triathlons - something I never even dreamed of. Along the way I was also able to notch up a number of other achievements, most notably, winning my age group at the London Triathlon and the Thames Turbo Triathlon Series in 2006. In 2007 I came 4th in the European Championships and returned to the World Champs for a second year. Throughout my time with Terry, he has always been on hand to deliver concise and professional guidance in relation to my training and has also been assisting with the, much too often neglected, psychological attributes of competitive racing. Terry constantly stays abreast of new thinking and concepts regarding training methodologies and science and is always able to translate this into making a better athlete of me.

Sarah Yates

Being coached and receiving weekly structured training sessions has definitely paid off. My times have fallen and I have had a string of PBs and podium places. Represent GB in the World Long Distance Triathlon Championships was the highlight the year.

Josie Perry

Terry coached me towards World and European Duathlon Age Group Competitions and enabled me to improve my times in running, triathlon and duathlon.



Chris Ball

I've been racing triathlon for 3 years and have had a mixed bag of results. Busy work commitments and a limited understanding for any training that doesn't involve a bike has led to a rather unstructured approach to my training! Terry was initially recommended to me by a good friend, and since working with him on a plan for Ironman Switzerland 2008, my running and swimming have come on leaps and bounds (or should that be strokes). Professional in his approach whilst still managing to retain the fun of the sport, I'd recommend him to anyone (except those competing in Zurich :)

Alistair Griffiths

I have been coached by Terry for just under 2 years. Upon our first encounter I struggled to make 100 metres front crawl without feeling like I was going to expire. Further to many patient hours spent by Terry writing my training regimes and 1 to 1 sessions in the pool I have successfully completed a season of Olympic Distance Triathlon. Without Terry's coaching I would not have been able to achieve a PB of sub 2h 10 for the olympic distance and could never never dreamt of heading for an Ironman. Terry's coaching has allowed me to greatly improve in all aspects of the sport, mentally as well as physically.

Richard Fulchrion

I'm a first year triathlete who had wanted to do a triathlon for years but never new how to put all the different disciplines together. Terry was coaching a swim course that I took and I found out that he competes and coached triathletes as well. He has been coaching me for the last 7 months and every month I have been making huge progress. I finished an Olympic distance race in sub 2:30 this season and next year am expecting much better results with some hard training in the off season.

Liz Whiting

At my club’s training camp in March 2007, I arrived injured and unable to run as much as I had planned for the London Marathon, therefore I decided take up a new challenge to compliment my run training and learning to swim freestyle seemed to be ideal, since it is also considered a very good cross training discipline for running. Terry, who coached the swim sessions at the training camp, set me on the right path. Since March I have been coached by Terry and through his professional guidance and expertise, my swimming has improved significantly and I am now considering racing in at least one or two acquathlons and triathlons next season.

Martin Potter

Terence provides the full range of technical training required for the successful execution of triathlons. He has improved my swimming by over 10%, made me more comfortable and effective on the bike, improved my nutrition and given advice on race day planning.

However, one of Terence’s real strengths is the ability to enthuse his athletes and to give them real confidence in their ability. Without his help I would never have had self-belief in my own skills as a triathlete let alone have the conviction to undertake an Ironman event. With Terence’s motivation and inspiration anything is possible in the triathlon realm.


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